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Welcome to my blog! I’m Hollie. I’m just your average foodie and an avid reader who decided to bring some creativity into my everyday life. This blog is my creative outlet to use skills learned from years of experience as a photographer, IT professional & eBook designer, and mostly, my passion for cooking!

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I hope you find inspiration from my recipes, lovely photos, & bookish posts!

  • Copycat Panera Four Cheese Soufflé
  • Granny's Tuna Cakes
  • Salmon Sunday
  • Salmon Sunday Sweet and Spicy Glazed Salmon with Brazilian Cheese Bread
  • Grandmas Spinach and meatballs
  • Depression Glass Crisscross Refrigerator Box
  • Spinach and Meatballs in Pyrex fridgie
  • Granny's Tuna Cakes

Nowadays I leave my enormous collection of photography equipment stored away and capture all my food photographs with my cell phone (and sometimes a selfie light.) It can be challenging when there is no “good” natural light, but I think I do okay!

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Food Blogging

Food blogging can be so much fun, but it’s also a lot of work. I promise to try and post a new recipe each week, but like many bloggers, I work a full-time day job. I can probably speak for all food bloggers when I say, we love your input! Without comments and ratings from readers like you, it can be pretty lonely out here on the web, so I hope to hear from you! To familiarize you with my blog, I’ll always list my most recent posts on this home page along with links to all the categories of recipes and posts! This blog isn’t just for me to show off pretty food pics, it’s also for you to find recipes, or learn about how to use up those leftovers, or discover new authors!

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I am not a nutritionist, doctor, or chef. My opinions are mine and mine alone. You may find errors in my writing, nutritional values or recipes, or a broken link. I may have links to blogs on WordPress that I read that you may or may not like. This blog is meant to be a safe and fun space. I do my absolute best to provide quality content that I think you will enjoy. While I try and keep my topics light and fun I am passionate about many topics, but I will try and post trigger warnings where appropriate. I’m learning more each day about blogging, so please, feel free to contact me with any concerns you may have.

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