Asparagus, to peel or not to peel?

Quick Microwave Steamed Asparagus

I like to peel it, especially when making Quick Microwave Steamed Asparagus.

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Am I the only one who peels their asparagus to get every inch of asparagus goodness out of a bundle? It’s kind of a pain, but I like that I can salvage more of the veggie, especially the fat tough stalks! I like to use my microwave steamer because it cooks up asparagus perfectly every time, and I can cook it in about three and a half minutes! I dropped and cracked my old Tupperware steamer so I’m now using this one. It’s my experience that asparagus is better if you blanch it, then grill it, or sauté it, so you’ll love my “one-pot” method using the microwave steamer. 

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