Counting calories? Did you know you can import recipes from food blogs to count calories using your Myfitnesspal app?


Did you know you can import recipes from food blogs and recipe apps into Myfitnesspal using the app’s recipe import feature?

I found something that I think is pretty cool! The other day I peeked at my blog stats on WordPress and saw that someone imported one of my recipes into something called Myfitnesspal recipe parser/importer! I didn’t know you could count import recipes to count calories with Myfitnesspal!

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Valentine’s Day Recipe Ideas

Valentine’s Day is Coming Up Soon!

Valentines Day recipe heart shaped sweet potatoes

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Are you looking for Valentine’s Day Recipe Ideas? There’s plenty of time left to plan, gather ingredients and supplies, and this short but sweet post will help inspire your special dinner!

You can get some cute heart-shaped cookie cutters and make these cute heart-shaped roasted lemon & ginger or cinnamon & brown sugar sweet potatoes.

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