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Welcome to Shop eBookFoodie’s Favorites, aka the eBookFoodie Shop! Below you will find links to shop some of my favorite things, products, and sites. Some links are affiliate links so I may earn a small commission on purchases. The commission comes at no additional cost to you. I recommend these products because they are helpful, useful, snarky, just plain fun, or I simply love them, and I think you will too! 

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This over the sink rolling disk rack is my new FAVORITE THING! I use it to dry large Swiss chard leaves and for extra counter space.

I’ve been waiting months for this to be on Amazon! I heard about it from Sarah at! I didn’t want to buy another appliance and she told me about this lid that turns your existing Instant Pot into an air fryer! I LOVE it! It makes awesome Salmon Cakes!

This is the best vinegar ever! Use it in salad dressings, marinades, on spinach… I use with with brown sugar to marinate sweet onion slices. Search my blog for Onions to find my recipe!

When it’s dark inside and you don’t have a decent digital camera… Use a selfie light to take food photos!

I LOVE these grill wipes! I found a kit with the wipes and brush sold together. Here’s a link to the brush.

Cherry pitters really save your fingers, fingernails, and make pitting cherries much easier!

Get creative! Use these Instant Pot Egg Racks for wings and all sorts of IP cooking!


Sometimes you just have to smash something hard against the wall or the top of your desk. Or, you know someone who really needs and outlet for some frustration. You won’t believe how much something so small can help someone who needs to take their mind off their troubles!

These little offset spatulas are great! Dishwasher safe, and you can get down into the Instant Pot easily!

I just picked up these long barbecue tongs and they are a dream to cook with! They are long enough that I don’t fry my hand or wrist!

Instant Pot Seal Replacements. Trust me, you’ll need one on back-up!

Secret weapon for making flavor bombs!
I zest all my citrus and freeze it for use later!

The STRONG button on the newer Keurig is a life-changer!

These herb savers really work.
I especially love to use them
for home grown herbs. I have these small ones, but I’m going to upgrade to the larger version soon! They will keep your herbs fresher much longer! They are great for Asparagus and scallions too!

I am obsessed with my
Cast Iron Skillets!

This hysterical tea towel from TwistedWares! I’m ADDICTED to snarky dish towels!

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Let’s be ibotta Friends!

One of my favorite rebate apps is ibotta! I joined in 2017 and my rebate total as of (October2021) was $989.95. Sometimes I cash the rebate balance out to my PayPal account, but often I cash out to Amazon, Ulta or iTunes gift cards. There are a ton of gift cards to choose from. If you’re interested, here is my referral code. viymxgi

I admit that it does take time to look through all the products and sites on Ibotta to see what you can get rebates for, but in 2017 I used it to buy a refurbished iPad, and tons of Christmas gifts and I received over $100 in rebates! The rebates for products vary from store to store, so what you may get a rebate for at Kroger, may not be available at Meijer.

NEWI: Ibotta recently added a new feature called “Pay with Ibotta” that allows you to pay for your purchases in some stores with the app, and instantly receive rebates. When you get to checkout (at participating stores) have the app ready (at the pay with Ibotta link for the store you are in) and instantly receive a % back on your entire purchase! You’ll type in the full amount of your purchase and the app instantly purchases a gift card for the store. Show the code to the cashier and they’ll scan it just like a gift card, or like Apple Pay. You do have to connect Ibotta to a credit card or debit card in order for it to make the purchase.

I’ll be updating Shop eBookFoodie’s Favorites soon, stay tuned!