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Welcome to the eBookFoodie Shop! These are some of my favorite things, products and sites I use all the time that I personally recommend! Most links are affiliate links so I may earn a small commission on your purchases. The commission comes at no additional cost to you. I recommend these products because they are helpful, useful, snarky, just plain fun, or I just plain love them!

Instant Pot Seal Replacements. Trust me, you’ll need one on back-up!

I love this laptop desk, I’m able to sit back and relax in the living room instead of hiding myself away in the attic-office!

Secret weapon for making flavor bombs!
I zest all my citrus and freeze it for use later!

The STRONG button on the newer Keurigs is a life-changer!

These herb savers really work.
I especially love to use them
for home grown herbs. I have these small ones, but I’m going to upgrade to the larger version soon!

I am obsessed with my
Lodge Cast Iron Skillets!

This hysterical tea towel from TwistedWares! I’m ADDICTED to snarky dish towels!

My Favorite FoodiEbooks!

Barbara O’Neal

Hailey Edwards

Howard Reiss

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My favorite rebate app, hands down, is ibotta! I joined ibotta in 2017 and my rebate total to date (April 2019) was $559.76. Sometimes I cash the rebate balance straight out to my PayPal account, but often I cash out to Amazon, Ulta or iTunes gift cards. There are a ton of gift cards to choose from. If you join using the link above, and my referral code, we can earn faster by being teammates, and I earn $5.00 from each referral! If you’r interested, here is my referral code. viymxgi

I admit that it does take time to look through all the products and sites on ibotta to see what you can get rebates for, but in 2017 I used it to buy a refurbished iPad, and tons of other Christmas gifts and I received over $100 in rebates! This holiday season I earned about $70.00! There are a lot of organic product rebates too.

ibotta earnings

Check it out, and don’t forget to be my IBOTTA BUDDY and refer your friends!