Quick & Easy 4 Ingredient Salmon Cakes

Salmon cakes
Super easy & quick salmon cakes.

Eating on a budget and turning one meal into two can be delicious!
Last night we had sriracha-glazed salmon for dinner that I baked in the oven. (#SalmonSunday) We ended up with about 7 ounces leftover, so I put it in a baggie in the fridge for 4 ingredient salmon cakes for tonight! I use a similar recipe to my grans tuna cakes and they are simple, crispy and delicious!

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Fancy Egg Salad with Olives, (Kalamata or Green Olives)

Fancy egg salad with olives, green pimento stuffed

This egg salad is a simple mixture of boiled eggs and olives with creamy mayo and olive oil. This will be your new favorite egg salad recipe!

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