“Back-to-Our-Roots Soup”

Favorite FoodieBook Friday! A root vegetable soup to warm the soul! Inspired by The Year of Soup by Howard Reiss, this creamy, smooth, root vegetable soup is a "...smooth, thick, mildly sweet puree that most everyone enjoys and which will stand up to any salad or bread, as well as your most assertive worries." After … Continue reading “Back-to-Our-Roots Soup”

Favorite FoodieBooks Friday

The Year of Soup, by Howard Reiss I've been re-reading The Year of Soup by Howard Reiss this week. It's a beautifully written book with two main characters, Tess, who opens a soup shop after three failed relationships and confused with her sexual identity, and Beany, an elderly professor who, I believe sees a lot … Continue reading Favorite FoodieBooks Friday

Favorite FoodieBooks Friday!

No Knead Olive Skillet Bread This FoodieBook Friday is a revisit to last weeks Pecan & Cherry Stuffed Squash post. I've had several requests to post the full No Knead Olive Skillet Bread recipe. It's an amazingly moist, easy to make, garlicky, yeasty, salty, olivey treat! This bread is reminiscent of focaccia bread. It's chewy … Continue reading Favorite FoodieBooks Friday!

Not my Mother’s Stuffed Acorn Squash!

This stuffed acorn squash is a delightfully easy, sweet and savory dish! It was Easter Sunday and I was recovering from a terrible spring cold. We had no dinner plans, no thawed or fresh meat or seafood, and I was feeling weak, tired and very uninspired. I turned to my iPad and pulled up WordPress … Continue reading Not my Mother’s Stuffed Acorn Squash!

Favorite FoodieBook Friday

CHURROS! This week I had to make churros. I've never made them before, but in the past two books I've read, churros were mentioned thirteen times! While I read (re-re-re-read) The Lost Recipe for Happiness, by Barbara O'Neal last week my mouth watered over "Tansy's Churros" recipe. It's really a simple recipe combining eggs, flour, … Continue reading Favorite FoodieBook Friday

Favorite FoodieBook Fridays

Do you love food novels, food-themed books, or books with food as much as I do? As I've mentioned before, I love books and I love cooking, and I really love novels with food themes. I want to share all of the gems I adore with you once a month, and I hope to post … Continue reading Favorite FoodieBook Fridays