Need a Substitution for Sriracha?

Smoky Spicy Salmon Sunday Glaze

Oh no, a sriracha shortage?! I recommend that you give Gochujang a try as a substitution for sriracha!

No new recipe today, just some help for anyone who can’t find sriracha in the stores! Gochujang is an excellent substitution for Sriracha. It has a deep, almost sweet, spicy flavor. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it! Since the Sriracha shortage, it’s been hard to find in stores and online lately. I have only seen it once in a small market in town this summer!

Depending on the brand of gochujang you are using, and the recipe, you may want to dilute it as it’s usually thicker than sriracha. Try a little rice vinegar or water.

GochuJang a greate substitute for sriracha
Thick Hot & Sweet Chili Sauce

If you are looking for some spicy dishes here are my top three recipes. Just use gochujang as a substitution for sriracha!

1. Spicy Candied Bacon

Use gochujang in my candied bacon recipe and make “Gochujang Candied Bacon.”

Sriracha Candied Bacon
You can substitute gochujang if you can't find sriracha!
Is it a breakfast treat or a snack? I don’t know, but I do know it’s delicious! You can add the spicy sriracha or leave it out, either way, it sure is a treat! Candied bacon can be made spicy, or sweet. You can simply sprinkle brown sugar on and bake it, or make it really special with my Sriracha, Balsamic Vinegar, and Brown Sugar glaze! I recommend medium-thick sliced bacon. The longer and slower you cook it the stickier and more candied it gets!
This blood-red Sriracha Candied Bacon was inspired by the Fat Vampire Chronicles by Johnny B. Truant. The original Fat Vampire Series is coming to TV soon as "Reginald The Vampire" and I can't wait!
Click here to check out this recipe
blood red sriracha candied bacon even a vampire would love

2. Spicy Glazed Salmon

For my Sweet & Spicy Salmon Glaze, I use low sodium soy sauce and sesame oil with gochujang and sriracha, but you could definitely use all gochujang and add a dash of rice vinegar, and some minced or granulated garlic and sugar (to taste.) If you are avoiding sugar, use unseasoned rice vinegar.

3. Spicy Sriracha Sesame Sugar Snap Peas – use gochujang as a substitute for sriracha!

Mix a tablespoon of gochujang with a little water or soy sauce to thin it. When serving, drizzle it over the sugar snap peas.

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