Counting calories? Did you know you can import recipes from food blogs to count calories using your Myfitnesspal app?


Did you know you can import recipes from food blogs and recipe apps into Myfitnesspal using the app’s recipe import feature?

I found something that I think is pretty cool! The other day I peeked at my blog stats on WordPress and saw that someone imported one of my recipes into something called Myfitnesspal recipe parser/importer! I didn’t know you could count import recipes to count calories with Myfitnesspal!


I had to check it out, so I opened the (long neglected) Myfitnesspal app on my iPhone. This new insight into how my recipes are being used inspired me to get back to using the app to track my daily calorie intake! (Confession – I was savoring some potato croquettes at a local restaurant when I started this post.) Anyway, I poked around and found that you can indeed count calories with myfitnesspal, and it’s not very difficult. There is some tweaking involved and one important tip below.

Instructions and Tips to Import a Recipe

*Important tip, if there is more than one recipe on a webpage, this process won’t work.

  • Go to the recipe webpage that you want to import
  • Note how many servings the recipe creates. Example: 6 servings
  • Click on the link to the webpage with the recipe you want to import and copy the link.
  • Open your Myfitnesspal app
  • Click on More
  • Click on My Meals, Recipes & Foods
  • Click Create a Recipe at the bottom of the screen
  • Click Add from the Web
  • Paste the web address of the recipe in the URL box at the top and click Go/enter
  • Click Import Recipe
  • The webpage with the recipe will show up. Next to Recipe click on Ingredients
  • *Delete any irrelevant text, such as substitutions or extra words like COLD butter = butter, or LIGHTLY BEATEN EGGS = eggs
MyFitnessPal recipe importer Ingredients
  • When ingredients are refined, click on the right arrow -> at the top of the screen or Match Ingredients
  • The app will find ingredients and nutritional values. Verify they are correct or find substitutions.
    • Click on the ingredient then click Search for alternative
  • Click the right arrow -> then add the number of servings in the original recipe
  • Click Save or Save and Log it!

Keep in mind that online nutrition calculators vary, so don’t be surprised if the numbers aren’t identical. They should be close!

Edit Recipe myfitnesspal import

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The recipes you import will show up in your recipe box!

Link to Myfitnesspal

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You can also create your own recipes!

If you enjoyed the Lamb-Bella burger recipe in the example above, try my lamb Ara-YES recipe!

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