Best Chicken Wings Ever!

Best Chicken Wings Ever, from your Instant Pot to oven or grill to your table in under an hour!

Quick post for you today! I posted these wings in an Instant Pot group on Facebook and want to share it with everyone here too.

Instant Pot Best Chicken Wings Ever

If you have never had chicken wings in the Instant Pot head to your butcher shop( #Milosmeats is the best in Toledo) and get some! I cooked about two pounds. We get them with drummies, wings and tips all attached.

Wings on racks in Instant Pot

Add a cup of water and a smashed garlic clove to the bottom of the pot. Use the rack that came with the IP along with my stacking egg racks and layer them with wings. I season them with a variety of smoked salt, pepper, and/or Webber seasonings. Whatever you like. Pressure cook on high for six minutes (thawed wings) and let sit for about five minutes and release. While your Instant Pot is working, heat up the grill or oven/broiler to high heat. Line a sheet pan with non-stick Reynolds wrap foil. (That stuff is amazing!!! You can get it at the grocery or online)

Easy hot wing sauce

To a large mixing bowl, add a few TB of Sriracha
about a cup of Franks Hot Sauce
1 TB brown sugar
1/2 C melted butter
3 TB honey (Mike’s hot honey is good)
1/2 TSP granulated garlic
Taste and add more sugar and honey or hot sauce(s) to your liking. Set aside half the sauce.

*When the wings are done in the IP, save the broth in the bottom of the IP, strain it and use it to make rice or quinoa, whatever or freeze it. You’ll be amazed at how flavorful it is!

Toss the cooked wings a few at a time in the sauce and place on the foil-lined sheet. Broil, bake or grill the wings until brown or about 10-20 minutes. Keep an eye on them! If you are broiling, they may only take a few minutes per side! You might want to flip them after a few minutes depending on your cooking method. *If you like that crispy char, drizzle some honey over the tops, just a bit!

Brown on non-stick Reynolds Wrap foil

Instant Pot Hot Wings with Zoodles

(I have used this method with a frozen chunk of wings. The wings in the middle of the chunk required some extra time in the IP after I removed the outer layer(s) of wings, just be careful with the raw chicken. They are definitely easier from thawed. But possible from frozen, though I don’t recommend it.)

I haven’t tried ribs in the IP yet but if they come out half as good as IP wings, I’m definitely going too!

I hope you try these wings! If you love these Best Chicken Wings Ever made in your Instant Pot, you may love my Instant Pot Spinach and Meatballs!

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3 thoughts on “Best Chicken Wings Ever!

    1. Definitely give it a go! I never liked how long you had to cook them or fry them so that they weren’t chewy. The Instant Pot recipe version is so much better. And you get chicken stock/broth to use later. I also think a lot of the fat drips off too. I like them fall of the bone tender and this definitely does it!

    2. Sounds perfect! I was so thankful that we had the InstantPot back when our oven unexpectedly broke on us. We could still make practically anything, apparently even wings!

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