Who all is reading to get through this quarantine?

Reading Ilona Andrews

For those of you reading your way through this, I want to share a special ebook from some of my all-time favorite authors! It’s a special edition eBook collection of three of the Innkeeper Chronicles by Ilona Andrews. Instead of putting it on the book sites for free, they have it priced at $.99 for a limited time with all proceeds going to the COVID-19 Response fund CPD Center for Disaster Philanthropy. (Link posted below)

The Innkeeper Series is about a magical Victorian Bed and Breakfast in Texas, innkeeper Dina, who draws her magical strength from her inn and her Shih Tzu named Beast. This book has everything you need to give your mind a break from the world right now. You know how everyone is having a hard time concentrating right now? If Dina, her Inn, her dog, vampires (occasionally drunk on coffee), and all the other alien beings don’t get you reading again, I don’t know what book will!

This is a must-read for anyone who loves to read urban fantasy, paranormal fantasy, vampire romances, books about alien werewolves, magical inns, and more! Click here for the Amazon link. (This is not an affiliate link!) Click here to go to Ilona Andrews blog for more links and to read more about it.

Her broom is a deadly weapon; her Inn is magic and thinks for itself. Meant to be a lodging for otherworldly visitors, the only permanent guest is a retired Galactic aristocrat who can’t leave the grounds because she’s responsible for the deaths of millions and someone might shoot her on sight. Under the circumstances, “normal” is a bit of a stretch for Dina.

Ilona Andrews

I first mentioned the Innkeeper books in a short review of what I was reading at the time in this post with a recipe for Italian sausage and pepper sandwiches. After reading, I baked these banana scones with coffee glaze.

Espresso glazed banana scones
Coffee glazed banana scones!
Sausages nestled in onions, garlic and tomatoes
These Italian sausage & pepper sandwiches inspired by my SIL are a family favorite! I can’t wait for fresh tomatoes from my garden this summer!
Italian sausage with garden veggies on a pretzel roll!

What are you reading? What are you cooking, anything inspired by your reading? If so, please share! I LOVE recipes inspired by books.

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    1. It is very good! I love everything they have ever written (husband and wife write together) and I got to meet them a couple times at readings.

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