What to Cook When the Grocery Stores are Out of…

Sliced no knead olive skillet bread

I went to the store last week for a few things. You know, the usual, peanut butter, half & half, a gallon of water (for my cubicle at work for making coffee) and quinoa. I came home from the store with ONE of those things, peanut butter! All those other aisles were pretty much empty. There was sparkling water, and some of the pricy electrolyte water in bottles. Other than that, not much there! I remember the water crisis of 2014 here in Toledo and not being able to buy water because the shelves were empty, but I’ve never seen entire isles cleared out of food or paper products. I didn’t go down every aisle, and they weren’t wiped completely out of all food items, but it was slim pickings!

I know we’ll all probably need to get creative with what we have during this coronavirus crisis, so I wanted to put together a quick list of easy recipes for you. Lots of these are made from leftovers, a few ingredients or even scraps! Some quick and easy, some will use up leftovers, but all are delicious!

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