Family Recipes! Grandma’s Spinach & Meatballs!

Grandmas Spinach and meatballs

Well, actually it’s my weeknight Instant Pot version of Grandma’s Spinach & Meatballs.

Spinach and Meatballs in Pyrex fridgie

It all started several years ago, at least a decade ago, on Thanksgiving, or maybe it was Easter??? Anyway, I woke up sick as a dog… like fever, laying on the couch with an ice bag on my head sick. Husband called his parents to let them know we wouldn’t be going to family dinner, even though I told him to go ahead without me. That’s true love folks! I don’t recall the conversation he had with his mom, but it required pen and paper, and prompted him to go to the store.

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Family Recipes! It’s Time for Granny’s Tuna Cakes!

Granny's Tuna Cakes

Many of my recipes are inspired by meals I remember having at my grandmothers house, or that my Mom made, or recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation through my husbands family. I’m excited to bring you a new page and category called “Family Recipes.” I’ll share recipes inspired from childhood memories, or family favorites, old and new!

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