Food Blog & Reading Challenge Fails

Sometimes I just can’t seem to get much done, or things just don’t turn out quite right…

Regardless of getting it right or done, it’s what I learned along that way that matters. Husband says that some of my ugliest food is the best! Some of my prettiest dishes are terrible! I thought everyone may enjoy this behind-the-scenes food blog fails! I’ve mentioned that since I started blogging and documenting my quick weeknight meals & favorite dishes, I’ve fallen so far behind in my reading. But the good news is husband and I are no longer working opposite shifts! That means weeknight dinners for two & less time for me to read, but that’s ok. It’s nice to have husband back! (Husband is my husband’s nickname. In case you were all thinking my grammar was that terrible.)

Creamy Lemon Gnocchi with sautéed Swiss Chard
Creamy Gnocchi with Lemon = pasty chewy dry gnocchi FOOD BLOG FAIL
Delicious scallion yeasty skillet bread, flat and chewy since it refused to rise.
Granny would call this cowboy bread. I’m not sure why. That’s just what she called her bread fails. Chewy cowboy bread. It’s scallion bread made from Friendship Bread Starter, topped with black sesame seeds. Did not rise. Tried twice, but gave up. I’m totally going to try my skillet bread recipe with scallions and use yeast instead of the pain-in-you-know-what starter.
Spring rolls
I love spring rolls and I was so excited to show off the new tea towels I bought on Etsy. Reminder to self … “Self, remember to taste test all your ingredients before cooking & serving. okay?”
The rainbow carrots were so mature that they were like eating tree bark. Pretty, but NOT EDIBLE. We were able to pull some out as we ate them but this was still a FAIL!
Spring Rolls with carrots, radish, lettuce, crab and radishes
Look at this beautiful spring roll!
big fat free-range chicken, tough and chewy organic
This gorgeous golden beast bird was gigantic. And tough. Tasty, with onions and garlic, and some jalapeños tucked under the skin. I roasted, and roasted and roasted this humungous half a chicken till it finally was cooked. Unless it’s Thanksgiving, I don’t wanna roast birds all day long. At least it tasted good. When husband brings these free-range, organic monsters home from now on we are cutting them up even more so they cook faster.
Dry but healthy banana bread
Mmmmmmm. Cake for Breakfast? Yes please, but not these loaves of healthy banana bread. While tasty, they were just a tad bit, well, too healthy for us. Healthy in this case = dry. Sometimes you just need to add more sugar, dates, and fat.
weird little stuffed squash that the filling wouldn't fit in because the squash was so tiny
This is what happens when you forget how small your butternut squash is, and you refuse to go to the store! They were quite delicious, stuffed with spinach and feta, and, uh…sausage. But, I couldn’t fit the sausage in because the squash was too small. And I needed dinner for two. I might re-make these for a weeknight meal, but with normal-sized squash. Yes, that’s an Italian sausage that I twisted so it made two links. The other ones exploded… I had these adorable mini butternut squash that I used the tops for another dish and kept the bottom for a weeknight meal.
aren't those tiny squash cute?
Carrots refused to grow.
Speaking of small… Sometimes everything in my garden is miniature. Probably when we get it planted late. I tried to clean them all and cook ’em, but what a pain!
roasted stuffed acorn squash with garden tomatoes and eggplants! topped with mozzarella pearls and parmesan!
It doesn’t get much lovelier than this stuffed acorn squash. Stuffed with roasted garden tomatoes & eggplant, with mozzarella and fresh basil, and then… …
Acorn squash after falling face down
… you open the grill and watch them fall off the top shelf face down onto the bottom shelf. 🙁 I’m still mad at those squash. Hey Kenmore, why are your top shelves so small? They are SOOO good for browning and roasting, but so tiny. I’ve killed many a pizza trying to cook them on the top shelf. Luckily, I had more filling and mozzarella pearls to make it pretty again.
Oops. My skillet bread fell off the shelf and oozed half out of the pan    .
So, I’ve figured out why my pans have been falling off the grill. The front wheels sank. Husband just fixed it for me after this puffy za’atar skillet bread fell off. I tried flipping it back into the pan kinda upside down but it deflated. It tasted great though.
Za'atar bread, flattened & deflated.

I hope you enjoyed my food blog fails. Maybe someday I’ll share some of my first birthday cake decorating attempts. I’ve come a long way in the past 20+ years!

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I love hearing from you, so please share some of your worst recipe fails in the comments below,!

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