It’s Time for Make-Ahead Breakfast!

When husband says he wants to take breakfast for the guys at work & someone can’t have flour. My first thought, of course, was “sucks to be them!” But, husband = nice guy, soooooo.

I searched the internets and lots of people were using tater tots instead of crust for little quiches and breakfast stacks so I figured I would give it a try. I found some cute sweet potato broccoli organic tots from Simple Truth at Kroger. I put the few in the bottom of some muffin tins and cooked them until they got soft enough to smash down into a crust. (Yes, someone please send me some new muffin tins! I think these are from the 1970s.) are used one regular size muffin tin into mini muffin pins. I ended up making two pans each of the large and mini pans.

Tater tot smashed in muffin pans
Tater tot smashed in mini muffin pan

I put the tot pans back in the oven for a few minutes while I whipped up the eggs and finished browning the sausages.

I picked up some maple sausage links and some turkey sausage and browned up about a pound of meat total. I used about a half a small tube of turkey sausage and a half a tray of little maple pork sausage links.

turkey sausage browning
Browning maple pork sausage links

I whipped up about 6-7 eggs (I don’t remember exactly because I dropped one down the sink got pissed off and smashed all the shells in the trash. I’m not going in there to count.) with some about two heaping tbsp of ricotta cheese, salt and pepper and a little turmeric. You know I put that Stuff and just about everything I cook.

I sliced up some garden zucchini and jalapeño and sautéed the zucchini a bit in my sausage pan when I was done cooking sausage.

Then I added some sausage and zucchini into each ? tot-muffin? I scooped a tablespoon to about a quarter cup of egg-ricotta mixture into each cup and topped with a little Monterey-jack cheese. I added a few scallions and some thin jalapeño slices to some.

The mini muffin pans only took about 7 minutes at about 375°. The large muffin pans took about 10 -15 minutes in my oven but I kept an eye on them. See how puffy and nice they came out!

Egg bites fluffy for about 30 seconds
Egg bites deflated but still awfully cute

Yeah well, that didn’t last long! Here they are about 30 seconds later. Flat as he🏒🏒

What I learned from this process that took me over an hour, is that sweet potato broccoli tots are mushy When put in the bottom of a muffin cup under eggs. I ended up putting him back in the hot cast-iron skillet to try and crisp up the bottoms.

Egg bites cooking again this time in the hot cast-iron to crisp up the bottom
Slightly crispy tater tot bottom

They are also greasy little tots. Next time I will use shredded potatoes and coconut or canola oil and make my own crust. The mini egg bites are cute but it would take me forever to make enough to consider breakfast at least in my little shallow pans.

Delicious with a slightly crunchy tater tot bottom.

My next make-ahead flour free breakfast is going to be wraps made with tapioca flour I think. Wish me luck!

So, what do you think? Please comment below!

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