I Heard it’s National Churro Day!

Sweet potato churros

It’s National Churro Day so if you’re looking for a fun, nutritional (ahem, cough, cough) churro recipe, try these Sweet Potato Churros! I originally posted about them on a FoodiEbook Friday, back in April when I had finished reading some Barbara O’Neal and Hailey Edwards books. They BOTH had delicious sounding churros in them. Here are the recipes I adapted my Sweet Potato Churros with Caramel and Chocolate Sauce from. I used this recipe, halved, and swapped butternut squash with sweet potatoes (Butternut Churros) and this recipe halved, for Easy Caramel Sauce.


I’m going to have to put on a bathing suit in less than a month when I take some vacation time, so I’m just going to dream about those sweet potato churros…

Speaking of vacation time, it’s finally summer and I’m planning on reading outside in the glorious sunshine as much as possible. I’m so behind on my reading list. I’m also still building my read/to read list on Goodreads. If you have any recommendations, please visit me at Goodreads or email me!

While I love both my Kindle Fire and my iPad for indoor reading, I love my Kindle PaperWhite best for outdoor reading, and road trips! The battery life is amazeballs, and you can really see the text perfectly in bright sun. I don’t know about you, but I have antiglare, transitions, seamless bifocals, and I have to turn the brightness on my Fire and iPad up so high that the batteries don’t last long. It’s also a strain on my eyes to try and read outdoors.

Have you all seen that the new Kindle Paperwhite and Oasis are WATERPROOF! That means coffee proof too, I hope. The Oasis is kind of pricey, but I might have to upgrade the new waterproof Paperwhite. We have a humane cat deterrent to keep the feral kitties out of our garden and back yard. It’s called a scarecrow, but we call it the Cat Sprinkler. I have a habit of forgetting it’s there and getting blasted with water. Then I end up running back into the house to towel off myself, phone/iPad/Kindle… It also sprinkles, moms, house/garden sitting neighbors (SORRY) squirrels, birds, intruders & neighborhood children whose balls go over our fence. (Sorry! NOT Sorry!) Here’s a video to see it in action.

I’m overwhelmed with books that need reading. I’ve started two Hailey Edwards books and I’m reviewing a book at onlinebookclub.org. Blogging, cooking, photographing, editing, Twittering, Instagramming, Pinteresting… What are you reading this summer?

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The Killing Dance
Magic Bites
The Goddesses of Kitchen Avenue
Walk In Beauty
In Her Shoes
Driving with Dead People
Bloody Bones
Blue Moon
The Lunatic Cafe
Lady Luck's Map of Vegas
A Piece of Heaven
Halfway to the Grave
The Harlequin
Circus of the Damned
Magic Burns
One Foot in the Grave
The Laughing Corpse
Obsidian Butterfly
Burnt Offerings
Narcissus in Chains

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