Not my Mother’s Stuffed Acorn Squash!

This stuffed acorn squash is a delightfully easy, sweet and savory dish! It was Easter Sunday and I was recovering from a terrible spring cold. We had no dinner plans, no thawed or fresh meat or seafood, and I was feeling weak, tired and very uninspired. I turned to my iPad and pulled up WordPress … Continue reading Not my Mother’s Stuffed Acorn Squash!

Asparagus, to peel or not to peel?

I like to peel it, especially when making Quick Microwave Steamed Asparagus. Am I the only one who peels their asparagus in order to get every inch of asparagus goodness out of a bundle? It's kind of a pain, but I like that I can salvage more of the veggie, especially the fat tough stalks!  … Continue reading Asparagus, to peel or not to peel?

Favorite FoodieBook Friday

CHURROS! This week I had to make churros. I've never made them before, but in the past two books I've read, churros were mentioned thirteen times! While I read (re-re-re-read) The Lost Recipe for Happiness, by Barbara O'Neal last week my mouth watered over "Tansy's Churros" recipe. It's really a simple recipe combining eggs, flour, … Continue reading Favorite FoodieBook Friday